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Celonis Product Documentation

Activating Duplicate Invoices

To activate the duplicate invoices tab of the process cockpit, the ML sensor first needs to run. The ML sensor will automatically run when you Publish the Starter Kit package. To check whether the sensor has run, navigate to the ‘Skills’ folder in the studio package and click on Sense Duplicate Invoices.


On the top right, there should be a button called Logs and look at the sensor logs to determine whether the sensor ran successfully. For the sensor's first run, several new signals should also be detected.


If the sensor executions are failing without a defined error, this could be caused by the ML Sensor flag being disabled for your team. If this is the case, please create a support ticket through Celopeers or ask your product point-of-contact to enable the ML Sensor flag for your team.

The ML sensor may also fail if you already have a version of the Duplicate Checking App already installed and connected to the same Data Model as the starter kit. If this is the case, please use the existing Duplicate Checking App.