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Update Augmented Attribute

This module can update the value of an Augmented Attribute for a defined Record Identifier.


This requires an existing Augmented Attribute, which first hast to be defined in the Knowledge Model for a specific Record. For information on how to create Augmented Attributes please view the Augmented Attributes help page.

Using the Get Assignee Action module
Configuring the Update Augmented Attribute Action

Add a Connection by clicking "Add" in the Get Assignee action. Now you have two possibilities. Either move forward by clicking the Continue button and establishing a "Celonis User Connection" or selecting the "Show advanced settings" box to create a "Celonis App Key Connection".


For creating and testing an Action Flow, the "Celonis User Connection" might be the fastest and easiest choice to get started.

For unattended full automation use cases we recommend to switch to the "Celonis App Key Connection". This ensures that the automation runs stable even if a specific user is removed from the team.

  • Knowledge Model (required): Select the Knowledge Model containing the Record you wish to use.

  • Record (required): Choose the Record on which you defined the Augmented Attribute.

  • Augmented Attribute (required): Choose the Augmented Attribute that you want to update.

  • Value (required): Here you can choose the target value to which your Augmented Attribute should be updated.


    If you have defined possible values in the Knowledge Model definition, you can choose a value from the dropdown. If that is not the case use the "map toggle" to put another input either directly or via a placeholder.

  • Record Identifier (required): Put the identifier of the Knowledge Model record for which you want to update the value of the Augmented Attribute. In order to get the right identifier dynamically, a placeholder carrying the respective information can be used.