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Celonis Product Documentation

Working with the process model

Understanding the process model graph

The Process Adherence Manager shows a complete overview of your process model using a layout that resembles a subway map. Each subway line represents a specific object type and is displayed in a different color so you can easily differentiate between them. Each stop on the subway line is a specific event within that process, with multiple lines potentially meeting at the same stop.

The data included in the process model is based on the objects and events selected when creating the model. You can customize the information shown in the model further by applying filters.

Understanding the Map legend

The Map legend defines the notations and semantics of the process model, such as the meaning of the different shapes, lines, and icons used in the model. Click Legend in the lower right corner of Process Adherence Manager to view the Map legend.

Event icons in the process model graph





Object Start/Object End

  • The triangle icon indicates the first event.

  • The square icon indicates the last event.


Exclusive split

The diamond icon indicates an exclusive split of the event flow. This indicates only one of the outgoing paths is taken.


Parallel Gateway

A horizontal bar (parallel gateway) indicates parallel behavior. All the ongoing paths are taken but their order can differ. All incoming paths join at the gateway before the next events occur.



A looping arrow next to an event indicates a loop of directly recurring events. If the loop occurs for one object only, the loop indicator is the same color as the object. If the loop occurs for multiple objects, the loop indicator is black.