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Celonis Product Documentation


Interfaces to 3rd party tools

SAP Solution Manager Connector

The Celonis Process Management SAP Solution Manager interface allows SAP customers to synchronize their data with the BPM from the SAP Solution Manager. The synchronization is usually done via the design branch. In Celonis Process Management, the identical methods as in Solution Manager are used to ensure continuous synchronization with all necessary SAP libraries (Process Step Library, Executable Library, etc.).

SAP Enable Now

SAP Training Guide: Training and learning content from SAP Enable Now can be synchronized with Celonis Process Management.

Process Mining Connector

The Celonis Process Management Process Mining Connector can automatically transfer the analyzed processes to the Celonis Process Management process map. Each analysis is then automatically linked to the defined actual/target process. Within the Process Mining Tool, all connected sub-processes from Celonis Process Management are displayed to carry out further analyses.

JIRA Connector

With the Celonis Process Management JIRA interface, requirements management in Celonis Process Management can be combined with task management in JIRA. The customer can initially define requirements from different perspectives (processes, risks, etc.) and then synchronize them with JIRA. JIRA then controls the implementation of the different transferred user stories. The initially recorded user stories are transferred by JIRA and updated in Celonis Process Management.

DeepL Translation Service

The Professional DeepL Translation Service can be easily connected to Celonis Process Management. This means that all text in several languages is translated simultaneously. Due to the high translation quality, manual reworking in English, for example, is hardly necessary. The translations with the Professional DeepL Service are not stored, and the data does not leave Germany.

Alternatively, the Microsoft Translator can be used.

Power BI / Data Warehouse

Users of data warehouse services (e.g., analysts) can create their own reports using business analysis tools such as Power BI and MS Excel.