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Celonis Product Documentation

Celonis ID


Celonis ID is our new SSO solution for EMS. It’s a central login service that lets users access all their teams from one place. Celonis ID means a user:

  • Only needs one password and URL to access all their teams; they no longer have to remember different credentials for each team

  • Can update their profile information in a central profile page; their information is then updated automatically across all their teams

Celonis ID and existing SSO solutions

Your users will be moving to Celonis ID if they currently sign in to EMS from the Celonis user interface and not via an SSO solution. If you have an SSO solution in place already and SSO bypass is:

  • Enabled, your users will be routed to Celonis ID when the bypass URL is used to access teams

  • Not enabled, Celonis ID doesn’t apply to your users and teams


Two-Factor Authentication is a mandatory layer of security when using Celonis ID. To log in to EMS, your users have to provide a token that we’ll email to them. The token has an expiration time. If the email is received after the expiration time the token will be invalid. To avoid this, we recommend selecting SMS as the way of receving authentication messages. For information on how to set that, see Celonis ID functionality

Celonis ID timeline

We’re moving users and teams to Celonis ID in stages, with most users and teams moving in November 2022. We’ll update admins before this happens, starting with a message 30 days before the planned move. Any new users who sign up to EMS from November 2022 will be automatically using Celonis ID.

Moving users to Celonis ID

We’ll be making all the changes required to move users and teams over to Celonis ID in our backend. This means admins don’t need to do anything. We’ll keep you informed though so you’ll know in advance when the move will be happening.

When the move happens, users will just be prompted to reset their password. Once they’ve done that, they'll be able to access the Celonis ID functionality and we’ll let them know about Celonis ID with a message on their UI.