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Create users for SAP connection

Before you start doing any extraction and automation action in SAP, you must create an SAP user and equip them with the permissions necessary to perform extraction and automation tasks.

Creating users for SAP connection is a step in connecting your SAP instance with Celonis Platform. Check the overview of this process, see Connecting to SAP and S/4HANA, to make sure you completed other necessary steps.

To create a user for SAP connection:

  1. In your SAP instance, call the User Maintenance (SU01) transaction to create a user:

    1. Enter the user name.

    2. Set the user type to Service.

    3. Set the password.

  2. Give your users the necessary role:

    1. From the Download Portal in Celonis Platform, download the extraction role file (


      The CELONIS_EXTRACTION.SAP file contains pre-built user permissions necessary for the data extraction from SAP. For automation actions with SAP, you must manually add user permission. For the list of required permissions, see SAP User Role CELONIS/AUTOMATION_BASIS.

    2. In SAP, call the PFCG transaction to add or create the role with the necessary permissions.

    3. Go to Role > Upload.

    4. Upload the role you downloaded in previous steps.

    Your user SAP user is created. You can start creating your SAP connections in Celonis Platform.

    For data extraction, you can do it in the Data Integration area. See Connect with SAP for data extraction.

    For automations, create your connection between SAP and Automation client in Studio or through the Admin and Settings area. See Creating on-prem system connections