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Celonis Product Documentation

Communication configuration (optional)

Within the communication configuration, the schedule for notifications send to the business users can be defined for the appropriate Skill.


The communication settings determine when business users are notified of new Signals via email. There are two communication options:

  • Immediate notification whenever a new Signal occurs → activate the option (1)

  • Notification on predefined points in time → choose weekdays (2), time zone (3), and notification hours (4)

Communication works across Skill smeaning that if there are multiple Skills with the same communication setup, only one email containing information about all new Signals is sent. Once a notification hour is reached, the following mechanism is applied to determine the Signals listed in the notification email of a given business user:

  • Collect all active (i.e. unresolved and undeleted) Signals the business user has not yet been notified of

  • Subtract all Signals the business user has already read (by clicking on the Signal in the Signal overview)

  • If no Signals remain, no email is sent.