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Celonis Product Documentation

Monitoring and auditing Action Flows

Celonis Platformoffers monitoring and auditing capabilities that allow you to have a central overview of all events related to Action Flows.

These monitoring and auditing capabilities give you insight into the following Action Flow events:

  • Configuration events: who created, who changed (activated, deactivated, or published), and who deleted an Action Flow; All this information is available using API. Check Audit logs.

  • Execution events: who executed which Action Flows and when (either attended or unattended); what did Action Flow do to my system in the given timeframe. See Audit logs for Action Flows.

You can download and archive the logs from Celonis Platform to meet their requirements for logs retention time. If an action in a source system was triggered from Celonis Platform, logs of the source system will contain information about the account used to establish the connection to the source systems. In case a service account is used to establish a connection to the source system, service account will be displayed in the logs.


You can also keep an eye only on a selected Action Flow. See Monitor your Action Flow.