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Celonis Product Documentation

Data pool parameters

On Installation of the Connector, it is required to set up the necessary data pool parameters. These include, but are not limited to:

  • currency = target currency of the data pool.

  • exchangeRateType = exchange rate type for the currency conversion.

  • fiscalYearStartMonth = the start month of the fiscal year for your business as an integer. Ie. if the fiscal year starts in January, enter a 1, if the fiscal year starts in April, enter a 4.

  • fiscalYears = the minimum fiscal year to be extracted (important for the stock history table creation). This and all following years will be extracted. Usually it is far enough back that at least 2 full years of data can be brought into the data pool. The format is integer.

  • primaryLanguageKey = The primary language to use the data fields in, eg the material names and activity names.

  • startDate = First day of the extracted data in the format of a timestamp.

  • stockHistoryYears = The number of full years of stock history that should be shown in the STOCK_HISTORY table. A value of 2 would result in 2 full years of stock history, plus the current month.

    For example, if the current date is 10th January 2021, and this parameter is set to 2, the STOCK_HISTORY table would show data from 01st January 2019 until the 10th of January 2021. In other words, 2 full years of data plus the current month.

  • targetQtyUnit = The quantity unit all non-SI unit quantities will be converted into during the transformations.

    For example, placing "ST" (without the " ") would allow for PAL (pallets) and PAK( Packets) to be converted into ST (pieces). SI units are handled differently and are not impacted by this parameter, eg. Grams will still be converted into KG, irregardless of this parameter.

    The default value is set as ST (pieces), but could also be 'EA' (Each, which also equals ST).