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Celonis Product Documentation


Review Workflow

Review: Define Reviewer

So-called "reviewers" can be stored to check the process before starting the release workflow. This can be any Celonis Process Management user.

Review: Automatically forward the request to the reviewer

After a status change, the process/object to be checked is automatically forwarded to the reviewer.

Review: Notify Reviewer

The reviewer receives a message in his workspace. Feedback to the author can be given via the request function.

Request Workflow

Request: Send request for processes or objects

Every Celonis Process Management user can submit a request, i.e., give feedback on a process or object.

Request: Automatically forward the request to the responsible person

The request for a process or object is automatically forwarded to the responsible person (or quality manager, if stored).

Request: Display/change the processing status of the request

The person responsible for the corresponding request area can change the initial status.

Request: Call process/object directly

The process or object to be released can be accessed directly from the request via a link.

Request: Accept or reject the request

The responsible person can accept or reject the request.