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Celonis Product Documentation

Key Features

Celonis layers on top of your existing system landscape to optimize inventory performance for specific business objectives. The following features enable this optimization of daily operations.



Recommendations to improve planning parameters

The Master Data Improvement app provides recommendations to improve lead time,  safety stock, and reorder point parameters based on actual consumption and replenishment trends. The app’s ML model eliminates biases and outliers to compute and recommend accurate parameters.

Material prioritization

The app prioritizes materials based on the degree to which the planned parameters in the source system deviate from Celonis' recommendation. Planners can also utilize additional inefficiency classifications and ABC/XYZ classifications to determine material priority.

Validate recommendations to improve parameters

Before accepting parameter improvement recommendations, planners can validate recommendations by reviewing historical consumption and lead time analysis. Planners can also validate individual data points using a transaction-level data repository.

Simulate parameters

The Master Data Improvement app lets planners modify input parameters such as average consumption and service level based on new updates or anticipated events.  The app computes simulated parameters based on new inputs, which can then be updated in the source system.

Update parameters in source system through action flows

The app leverages Celonis’ action flow capability to easily and quickly update parameters in the source system with a click.

Bulk update parameters

Planners can multi-select and bulk update parameters in the source system through the app’s bulk update action flow.