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Celonis Product Documentation

Process Connector Installation

In order to connect a new process, you can make use of our Process Connector library. It contains template Data Pools for many different source systems and business processes.

To install it simply follow the following steps:

1. Click on "Import Template" on the home page of Data Integration.


2. Use Filters and the search field to find the Process Connector you want to install.


3. View the details of the Process Connector and click "Install Process Connector".


4. Choose the source system that you want to extract from or simply install without Connection.

Note: The latter option lets you choose later from which system you want to extract. This is useful if you did not establish a Data Connection yet. In case you choose this, the installation process is already over and you will find the newly imported Data Pools in Data Integration.


5. In case you have chosen a source system, you will need to choose a working Data Connection to this system.


6. Afterward, you have the option to define certain key configuration parameters like the start date of the data.


7. Let the extractions and transformations run or let them run in the background. You can now navigate to the Data Pool in Data Integration.