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Celonis Product Documentation

Task Mining Data Configuration

You can configure and monitor out-of-the-box data transformations in the Data Configuration section within your Task Mining projects.

  • Enable or disable the out-of-the-box data transformation

  • Set the schedule

  • Monitor the status and investigate potential issues


How it works

Refer to the points below for a better understanding of how Data Configuration works:

  • Every time the Task Mining Client uploads data to the Celonis Platform, it is added to a mini-batch, which batches multiple uploads to process them all at once for efficiency.

  • Every 20 minutes, this mini-batch integrates into the data pool SQL database.

  • Depending on the Data Configuration schedule settings, the data transformations execute to enrich the user interaction data captured by the Task Mining Client and prepare it for the Analysis.

    • The data loads from SQL.

    • The data transform occurs according to the Data Configuration settings.

    • The enriched data is stored in SQL.

    • The data model is reloaded.

    • The new data is available to be consumed in the Analysis.

  • The status can continually be monitored.

    • If an error occurs, an error message displays to help you resolve the root cause.