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Celonis Product Documentation

Get Assignee

Queries an existing Assignment Rules to determine the correct Assignee or a custom output based on specific input parameters.


The Get Assignee action requires an active Assignment Rule in the packages variable settings. For information on how to create an Assignment rule please view the Assignment Rules help page.

Exemplary Use Cases

Thanks to the open nature of Assignment Rules, they can be utilized for a broad spectrum of use cases. In a nutshell, most tasks involving the return of a value, based on a custom lookup, can be completed using Assignment Rules. Some examples include:

  • Assigning a task to a specific user based on certain criteria.

  • Defining email recipients on a per-case basis.

  • Expanding the source system through additional information.

Using the Get Assignee module
Configuring the Get Assignee module
  • Add a Connection by clicking 'Add' in the Get Assignee action. Now you have two possibilities. Either move forward by pressing the 'Continue' button, establishing a 'Celonis User Connection' or selecting the box 'Show advanced settings' for creating a 'Celonis App Key Connection'.

  • In the Assignment Rule dropdown select the rule you wish to apply. Please see the section "Step by Step Guide to Assignment Rule Creation" above for the creation of a new rule.

  • Once having selected an assignment rule, you will be able to fill in the required Assignment Rule by clicking in their boxes and selecting the respective attributes using the pop-out menu.



For creating and testing an Action Flow, the 'Celonis User Connection' might be the fastest and easiest choice to get started.

For unattended full automation use cases we recommend to switch to the 'Celonis App Key Connection'. This ensures that the automation runs stable even if a specific user is removed from the team.

Leveraging the Get Assignee module output
  • As its Output the Get Assignee Action returns the Assignee Value defined within your Assignment Rules.

  • To view the Get Assignee output click the magnifying glass icon to its top right.

  • You can then utilize this output value in a variety of ways:

    • Send an Email to the correct Assignee

    • Update a column in a database

    • Update a document (e.g. contact details)