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Make extensions for process analysis on projects


This feature is only available after the Admin activates it.

This feature significantly supports the efficient implementation and tracking of internal or external audits, including the support of internal control systems and revisions. Defined auditing contents and their results are created as projects and linked to processes of the process house. After activating the feature, the new section, Analysis Results, is available in the Detail Content of the PROJECTS facet.

The recommended procedure is as follows:

  • Create a project for the upcoming audit

  • Define Main/Sub Processes and link them to Project process scope (in the „Details“ section)

Project process scope
  • Add further relevant attributes, for example, project risks or success criteria

  • In the „Analysis Results“ section, link new processes to be created that document the audit procedure and the audit results, if required

  • Select the Result type from the dropdown

  • Enter an Observations summary as free text and

  • Describe Recommendations/improvements (mainly relevant for internal audits)

Process analysis in PROJECTS facet

Optionally, customized reports can be created based on this data. The full integration of the Celonis Process Mining Tool into Process Designer is also possible in order to connect Process Designer with process mining results and to further accelerate the as-is process documentation. Thus, the long-term goal is to establish a comprehensive Business Navigation System.