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Celonis Product Documentation

Submit a request (feedback)

The request/feedback feature allows every Process Designer user to comment on processes or (hierarchical) objects at every level. By pointing out errors or changes or proposing optimizations, users contribute actively to the continuous improvement of the process landscape.

Click Request in the Toolbar to open a dialog box where you can select the type and urgency via drop-down menus (and enter a desired delivery date, if required). Feedback is entered in the free text field.

Figure 43 - Request dialog

By default, the request is automatically forwarded to the responsible person, who, with the responsible author, defines the further processing of the request. If a Quality Manager is set, he or she receives the request and controls the further procedure.

The details of the request are visible in the Detail Content. The responsible person can approve the request or complete it (reject). The sender of the request is informed about approval or rejection via the message Info (1) in the header.

Figure 44 – Request details

Under the navigation REQUESTS, all parties can find a list of existing requests, their status, and contents at any time.