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Celonis Product Documentation

Use a Document template

The Author can use the Document templates created by the Administrator and maintain the document contents based on them. Using the selected element (e.g. document) in the document content view, the author can select the document template by choosing Create Document and edit the document after confirming.

Create a new document

The author can extend the content as free text in the text elements and format it in the HTML editor. Descriptions, passages, or the like can be added here as free text.

Add free text in the document

Properties can be edited by the author. To do this, the author selects the underlined field and can then change values or add existing and new objects.

Add properties to documents
Add new object in document

After completion of the document contents, the associated element must be released so that viewers can view the document and print it in the form of a manual.

By activating the Document digitalization feature on all facets, it is possible to define document templates for all further facets. This feature is thus an extension to the existing Document digitalization feature, which is only applicable to PROCESSES and ORGANIZATION. This allows Editors to add additional content to processes and objects.