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Celonis Product Documentation

Global job: 0.0 Run once on initial connector setup

Create table

Country_CodesThis table is created once on the initial setup of the data pool. It is used to create a table that stores location data such as regional, sub-regional, country, state, and city information. The ISO2 field in these tables enables it to be joined to the LFA1 (Supplier Table), KNA1 (Customer table), and MARC (Material Master data table) tables, thus enabling location data for the different records within those tables. This will discussed further in the respective jobs that make use of this table, namely:

  • 2.0 Create O2C Data Model Views (SAP ECC) > Create View: IM_SALES_COUNTRIES

  • 3.0 Create P2P Data Model Views (SAP ECC) > Create View: IM_SUPPLIER_COUNTRIES

  • 5.0 Create MM Data Model Views 2/2 (SAP_ECC) > Create View: IM_PLANT_COUNTRIES