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Celonis Product Documentation

Request Manual Input from User

Celonis Process Automation allows to request manual input from a user during Skill execution.

This enables human-in-the-loop automations in which some parts of the Skill are automated while the user can still provide additional input before executing.

  • Activate the toggle "Request manual input from user".

  • Select the fields for which you would like to request manual input from the user and check the checkbox "Manual input".


Example: Send Emails

  • Create a new Skill with e.g. Action Engine Sensor

  • Add an Action e.g. Email by Celonis

  • Activate the toggle "Request manual input from user"

  • Fill in the fields To, Subject and Body

  • Select "Manual input" for To and Body

  • Publish

As a result, a user in the Action Engine will see the Execution Modal popping up when executing the Action. In the Modal he/she will see all prefilled values and can adjust them if necessary.