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Data Flow


This section contains data flow operators.

The following functions are available:

  • BIND pulls a column to a specified table.

  • BIND_FILTERS pulls a filter to a specified table.

  • CASE WHEN evaluates a list of conditions and returns result expressions based on these conditions.

  • COALESCE returns the first input value which is not NULL of a set of values.

  • FILTER can be defined as Analysis filters, Sheet filters or Component filters and are applied to the input tables before the actual query.

  • FILTER_TO_NULL propagates the FILTER to the specified column by setting all violating rows to NULL.

  • GREATEST returns the greatest element that is not NULL from a set of values.

  • LEAST returns the least element that is not NULL from a set of values.

  • REMAP_VALUES and REMAP_INTS can be used to map values of a column to other values.

  • UNIQUE_ID returns a unique non-negative INT for each unique tuple in the combination of the input columns.