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Celonis Product Documentation

Assigning variable admin permissions

By default, a user with team admin permissions has access to all features and settings within your Celonis Platform. Admins can manage users, edit team security settings, and update service permissions. However you may want to enable some users to only perform a selection of those admin roles, such as managing users or content only. To achieve this, you can assign variable admin permissions to users and groups within your Celonis Platform .

To assign variable admin permissions, click Admin & Settings - Permissions. Then click Team - Edit:

A screenshot showing where to edit team permissions.
Admin templates

When assigning variable admin permissions, you can take advantage of the variable admin templates. These templates provide a defined subset of admin permissions.

User Admin: A role that can invite, lock, and remove users, but can’t set content permissions.

Content Admin: A role that can only manage service permissions.

System Admin: A role that can manage SSO, IP restrictions, and system-related features only.

A screenshot showing the admin templates dropdown.