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This section includes a variety of datetime functions.

Time zone identifiers

The IANA Time Zone Database supports many different time zone names. Using Germany as an example, the time zone CET is the standard time zone and CEST is the daylight saving time zone. By using the uniform naming convention in the database, any daylight saving time will automatically be respected by the operator if the given country or area is currently in daylight saving time.

The uniform naming convention is structured as <area>/<location> which will represent a country or major area, for Germany that would be Europe/Berlin.

Valid time zone abbreviations are:

  • CET


  • EET


  • GB

  • GMT

  • GMT0

  • NZ


  • MET


  • PRC


  • ROK

  • UCT

  • UTC

  • W-SU

  • WET

An error will be returned if the given time zone identifier is invalid or ambiguous.

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