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Celonis Product Documentation

Getting Started with the Accounts Payable Starter Kit
  1. Set up the connection for transferring data between Celonis Platform and your SAP system. You'll need to install the Celonis SAP Components in your SAP system, set up the extractor server, and configure a Data Connection in Celonis Platform. See How do I set up my SAP data connection? for the instructions.

  2. Install and configure the newest version of the Process Connector that the Starter Kit works with. This is the one shown on the Starter Kit’s Celonis Marketplace listing page as the required connector (for Accounts Payable, it's the SAP-ECC Accounts Payable Process Connector). The easiest way to get this is through the Process Connector library.

  3. Download and install the Starter Kit app from the Celonis Marketplace, and link it to the Data Model that came with the Process Connector. Installing the Accounts Payable Starter Kit has the instructions to do this.

  4. Check that the Machine Learning Sensor has run to activate the Duplicate Invoices view. Activating Duplicate Invoices explains how to check.

  5. Add the INEFFICIENCIES table to the Data Model to activate the Value Discovery App. See Activating the Value Discovery App.

  6. Use the Validation Cockpit to check if all the fields in the Starter Kit views are populated and make any required fixes. You might need to make changes in your runtime variables, Knowledge Model variables, or KPIs to get the supplied Starter Kit tabs working. Then make any changes you want to the KPIs and views, to make them fit your business needs. See Configuring the Accounts Payable Starter Kit.