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Celonis Product Documentation


The app comes with skill templates for the creation of tasks and the execution of default actions. All actions should be perceived as templates recommended to be adjusted depending on how tasks/actions should be used and integrated into the day-to-day business.

Default Actions

The app ships with three default actions on sales order items which can be performed from the Action View table or the profile view. The skills for these actions can be found in the folder Skills > User Actions.

  • Update unbilled status: this allows the user to manually select a status from a dropdown of the allowed values.

  • Update unbilled comment: allows the user to leave a note related to the current status of the item

  • Send email: Opens a prefilled email in the user's email client. Customize the email template in the stepExecution Outputin the skillSend Email.


The app has the following task templates, which need to be configured. All tasks are visible on the affected sales order items and have two actions that need configuration.

  • Pending Item Billing Block: Creates tasks on sales order items with an active billing block.

  • Pending Header Billing Block: Creates tasks on sales orders with an active billing block. If a task is resolved on one item, it will be resolved on all items affected by this billing block.

  • Pending Customer Billing Block: Creates tasks for customers with an active billing block (all sales areas). If a task is resolved on one item, it will be resolved on all items affected by this billing block.

Configuration of actions for the above tasks:

  • Open in SAP: Opens the sales order or customer in the SAP web GUI. Configuration:

    • Activate the web GUI in your SAP system [external link with instructions]

    • In the above skills, navigate to the"Execution Output" step in the left route"Open in SAP" and update the URL with your host and port:https://<your host>:<your port>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/?sap-client…

  • Email Finance Team: Opens auto-populated email in the users' email client.

    • Adjust the name of the task depending on who the users would email in step 4) (default isEmail Finance Team)

    • Customize the email template in"Execution Output" step in the right route, "Email Finance Team" with the email template to send. You can use a tool such as mailtolinkgenerator to generate the template in the correct format.