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Celonis Product Documentation

Action Flows for Material Emissions app

There are two optional Action Flows that allow the user to share a report that comes from an Analysis:

  • Lower Emissions Alternative Suppliers (Spend)

  • Lower Emissions Alternative Suppliers (Weight)

To create an Action Flow for Material Emission app:

  1. Download both Action Flows using this link.

  2. Create two Action Flows. Do this by creating an empty AF in your package and importing the blueprint file.

  3. Add a webhook.

  4. Replace the App Link variable value with the link to the view you wish to share with your team.

  5. Create a connection using a new API key (make sure the API key has the proper permissions) and confirm you are using the correct analysis and sheet to create the report.

  6. Create a Google connection to send the email.

  7. Toggle on Generate Report and Send Email.

You've configured the Action Flow. To run this Action Flowince it is only triggered by a Skill. See XYZ