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Celonis Product Documentation


Generate printable manuals

Manage manual templates centrally.

Templates for creating manuals are centrally managed in the administration area.

Meta-Model (Company Map)

Configure method

The method is configurable.

Hide, rename, or add attributes/objects (Advanced Configuration)

Attributes/objects can be hidden, renamed, or added in the administration area. Changeable attributes/objects are predefined.

User Management

Manage users and user groups.

Users and user groups are created or deactivated in the administration area (deletion is impossible). They are also assigned user roles and permissions there.


Authentication provider: Use OAuth

The authentication provider can be configured in the administration area.

Authorization Management

Define permissions for facets.

It is possible to set permissions so only certain user groups can add or edit a facet.

Variant Management

Define variant types

A variant portfolio (all possible variant types) is created in the administration area.

Tag Management

Define Tags

Tags are grouping criteria that can be defined individually (e.g., product groups). They are also relevant as criteria for the scope filter.

Review Date

Set review date

For the continuous improvement of the process world, a review date can be set for each process. Using evaluations, e.g., on the "start page," one keeps an eye on which processes are reviewed and, if necessary, need to be updated.

Language Management

Configure languages (default: DE/EN)

The languages German and English are available by default. Other European and Asian languages can be configured (optional).

Configure default or optional language

The default language setting (Default) and other optional languages can be configured.

Making languages available for reporting

Reports can be offered in different languages.

Create and upload a new user interface language.

It is possible to create and upload new (user interface) languages.

Workflows Configuration

Configure notifications by e-mail or tasks

E-mail notifications about pending requests ( e.g., about a pending approval) are configurable. The areas of application for e-mail notifications are predefined.

Adjust release cycle

The approval workflow can be customized by integrating additional approver/authorizer groups or by changing the time span until the validity start.

Feature Management

Enable and disable features.

Certain functionalities/features can be activated or deactivated individually.

CI Management

Customize CI

The workspace in Celonis Process Management can be adapted according to the customer-specific CI.

Configurable profiles

Configure profiles

Profiles are individually configured by the administrator using widgets. They show aggregated information about processes or objects.

Create and customize stereotypes (subtypes) for diagrams/objects.

Stereotypes (subtypes) can be created to categorize processes or objects further. The author can create them during modeling.

Generate printable manuals

Configure Manuals

Manuals (process manuals, organization manuals, professional and technical specifications, etc.) can be programmed in Word, and static information, such as headings, images, formatting, etc., can be customized using the normal Word application. Within Celonis Process Management, the different manual templates can be uploaded and activated/deactivated in the administration area.

Process Validation

Define validation rules

Standard validation rules can be defined (within a given framework).


Configure Service and WebHooks

A Webhook enables an application to provide another application with real-time information, i.e., it receives the data immediately - in contrast to typical APIs where the data would have to be queried very often. This makes Webhooks much more efficient for both providers and consumers.