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How to prepare SAP for integration with Task Mining

From Version 1.2.1, Task Mining offers deep integration with the SAP GUI. It allows Task Mining to retrieve detailed information on SAP GUI components the user interacts with, e.g. labels and names of the edited fields.

In order to enable the integration with the SAP GUI, the following steps are required:


It is not enough to enable GUI Scripting on the client-side. It also has to be enabled server-side.

  1. Enable GUI Scripting on the server-side.

    For all related profiles, set

    sapgui/user_scripting = TRUE

    1. Dynamically enable SAP scripting using RZ11 to take effect immediately.

      Please note that values changed in RZ11 are temporary and lost after a system restart. To make values permanent, you need to change it in RZ10 as well, so that it is effective even after restart.

      You will find detailed instructions in the SAP help.

    2. Permanently enable SAP scripting in RZ10, which takes effect after a server restart and for future restarts (detailed example)

  2. Enable GUI Scripting on the client-side.

    • Start the "SAP GUI Configuration" app to open the settings.

    • Navigate to "Accessibility & Scripting" / "Scripting".

    • Enable the "Enable scripting" and the "Show native Windows dialogs" options as shown in the screenshot.

    • It is recommended to disable the "Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI" and the "Notify when a script opens a connection" options. Otherwise, the SAP GUI will prompt the user for permission every time Task Mining starts and tries to connect to it.

  3. Enable SAP integration in Task Mining configuration.