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Celonis Product Documentation

Unshipped Orders app - case-centric

Managing deliveries that have missed their planned delivery date while still being in distribution centers can be a challenging part of the Order Management process for warehouse managers and customer sales representatives. The Unshipped Orders app is designed to help mitigate the associated challenges, such as unrealized revenue, blocked warehouse spaces, and declining customer satisfaction. The app assists you with taking timely action on overdue deliveries, such as contacting customers or carriers to expedite the transport process, canceling orders to unblock blocked materials, or effectively processing materials where they are stuck.

With the Unshipped Orders app, you can:

  • Discover deliveries that have not been shipped before the planned date.

  • Contact customers who still have to pick up their orders.

  • Cancel orders to unblock material.

  • Update the confirmed delivery date and notify the customer.

The app helps warehouse managers and customer sales representatives manage late deliveries, and ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain process.

The Unshipped Orders app comes with these views:

  • Action View - this is the main view that business users can use for their daily tasks.

  • Historical View - this is a view where you can see the closed deliveries and track the value realized with the app.

  • Setup and Validation - this view is for when you’re installing the app for the first time, to customize the app and resolve any configuration issues.The parameters you set in this view are automatically changed in Settings and reflected in the Action View.

  • Settings - this is a view where you can manage the values of the app’s runtime variables.

  • Value Assessment - this is a view to make a value assessment for this use case.

  • User Guide - this is an onboarding view for business users to explore the app’s functions interactively.

This documentation is for the case-centric version of the Unshipped Orders app. It uses the Data Model “SAP ECC - Order to Cash Data Model” supplied with our Marketplace connector. The model includes the activities and fields needed for the app.