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Task Mining FAQs

Which browsers does Task Mining support?

We can capture information from all browsers like any desktop application. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge also have advanced support that permits or denies listings on a per URL basis and enriches the events data with additional columns.

Is the Task Mining browser extension, SAPlogon GUI Scripting or any other extension mandatory?

No, Task Mining by default can capture events and screenshots from any application as it relies on Microsoft Windows APIs. These extensions help enrich the event log by providing additional information. For information about the additional information that is available, see the Task Mining Schema Documentation which describes the columns available.

Can I inspect the data before it is uploaded to the Celonis team?

Yes, Task Mining UI shows which applications data was captured from.

If you want to verify the data before or without sending it in detail, for example as part of an InfoSec test, you can:

  1. Send the data to the Celonis Platform and verify it in the Data Integration; or

  2. If your security review requires this to be done once beforehand, you can disable sending data to the Celonis Platform.

    This still requires an internet connection to connect to the Task Mining project and load the configuration, but no captured data will be sent.

    1. In Capture Settings -> Advanced Settings update the settings using the configuration editor:

      1. Set “Send to Celonis Platform (=Celonis Platform)” to "no"

      2. Set Encryption to "no"

    2. Connect the Task Mining Client to the project and start capturing data.

    3. Open the local cache folder and open the subfolders "images" or "parquet" to inspect the screenshots and events captured. The events are stored in the parquet format. To inspect the parquet file, use any parquet reader (e.g. this Parquet Viewer).

Task Mining annotations added by the user are not stored or shown in the data. How can I capture annotations?

Make sure the event processing rule configuration capture annotations and does not filter them out. Make sure you include events from CelonisTaskMining.Client, for example:

IF ProcessName = 'chrome' OR ProcessName = 'EXCEL' OR ProcessName = 'CelonisTaskMining.Client' THEN