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Celonis Product Documentation

Connecting to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

You can connect your Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to the Celonis Platform using either the Business Intelligence Cloud Connector (BICC) or REST API extractors, with BICC our recommended connection method.

BICC extractor

The Oracle Fusion Cloud BICC extractor extracts data from Oracle Fusion Cloud by connecting to two different instances in your infrastructure: BICC and external storage. The Oracle Fusion Cloud BICC extractor takes Public View Objects (PVOs) from Oracle Fusion Cloud. The extractor is not limited to any process and can extract all the PVOs that are available in your Oracle instance (usually >5,000).

To learn how to configure the BICC extractor, see: Oracle Fusion Cloud BICC.

REST API extractor

You can connect to your Oracle Fusion Cloud applications using the REST API extractor, allowing you to run GET requests for information. This method allows the Celonis - EMS: Celonis Platform read only access to your Oracle Fusion Cloud data, meaning that no writing changes (such as updates or deletions) will be performed at any time during the extraction process.

To learn how to configure the REST API extractor, see: Oracle Fusion Cloud REST.

BICC vs. REST API extractors

The following table highlights the key differences between the BICC and REST API extractors for Oracle Fusion Cloud:

BICC extractor

REST API extractor

Optimized for large data extraction



Performance and data throughput

Higher than REST APIs


Data structure

Public View Objects (PVOs)

REST data structure

Data access

All PVOs available in your Oracle Fusion Cloud instance.

Limited to P2P, AP, and AR processes. For available endpoints, see: Oracle Fusion Cloud REST.

Celonis process connectors available


Available for P2P and AP processes.

Additional licenses required

No. BICC is part of the Oracle Fusion SaaS package by Oracle. Every customer who has an Oracle Fusion Cloud instance has access to BICC without the need for additional licenses.

You can access it by adding /biacm to the host URL of your Oracle Fusion instance. For example:


Additional storage costs

The usage of Oracle BICC is free and included in your Oracle Fusion Cloud license. For the external storage it depends on which option you choose:

  • UCM is part of your Oracle Fusion Application and therefore it's free.

  • OCI Object Storage is part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and comes with additional cost. However, storage cost are usually relatively low. For an overview, see: Oracle Cloud Storage Pricing.


Link to Oracle documentation.

See: Oracle Documentation - Overview of Business Intelligence Cloud Connector.

See: Oracle Documentation - REST API.