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Celonis Product Documentation

Update Notes V2.2

Task Mining Client version 2.1 introduces the integration with the new Celonis Platform Task Mining Service. As this is a major change in the Task Mining architecture, it requires the migration of existing setups into the new project structure.

How do I migrate from an older version of the Task Mining Client?

Follow these steps to migrate an existing Task Mining setup to Task Mining client V2.2 and the Task Mining EMS service.

  1. Create a new Task Mining project:

    1. Go to the Task Mining tab in Celonis Platform and click the New Project button.

    2. Enter a project name.

    3. Select the option Connect this project to the existing application key, data pool, and storage bucket.

    4. Activate the Connect to existing data pool option and select the data pool of your existing Task Mining setup.

    5. Activate the Connect to existing storage bucket option and select the storage bucket of your existing Task Mining setup.

    6. Click Save.

  2. Update configuration:

    1. Open your existing configuration file in the configuration editor.

    2. Go to the User Consent section.

    3. If the Consent Text is empty, enter some text.

    4. If the Label of Consent Checkbox is empty, enter some text, for example, I have read and agree to the above.

    5. Save your changes.

  3. Create a new table (only required for updates from 1.X):

    1. Go to the Data Connection section in the configuration editor.

    2. In the field Target Table Name, enter a new table name that does not exist in your data pool so far

    3. Save your changes.

    4. Click the Generate SQL Query button. The code to create the new table will be copied to your clipboard.

    5. Go to the event collection in Celonis Platform and open the data pool of your Task Mining project.

    6. Create a new transformation in your data pool and paste the SQL code from the clipboard.

    7. Execute the SQL script.

  4. Upload config file:

    1. Go to the Configuration section in the Task Mining project.

    2. Go to the bottom of the page and upload the updated configuration file.

  5. Install the new client version on the desktop machines.


    You no longer need to share the updated configuration file.

  6. Invite users:

    1. Go to the Users & Invite section.

    2. Click the Invite Users button.

    3. Copy the activation link to the clipboard and share it with the Task Mining users (e.g. via direct chat message).

  7. Start clients:

    1. Start the clients on the user's desktop machines.

    2. Enter the shared activation link into the activation link text field.

    3. Press Activate.

  8. Move data (only required if you performed step 3):

    1. Please note: This step requires that all clients have been updated before.

    2. Go to the event collection and create a new transformation.

    3. Create a SQL script to copy all events from the old table into the new table.

Troubleshoot Task Mining
The Configuration Editor Shows a warning, how can I fix it?

The warnings indicate that the configuration file contains options that are deprecated, i.e. which do not take effect anymore. Task Mining will still work, but its behavior might be different than expected. Therefore, we recommend carefully checking the warnings.

To fix a configuration file with the warning, you can do the following steps:

Warning: Starting mode 'working hours' is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
  1. Open the file in the Configuration Editor.

  2. Go to tab Logging.

  3. Select a Startup Mode from the dropdown menu,

  4. Save the changes.

Warning: The 'Obfuscate text input' option is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
  1. Open the file with a text editor.

  2. Replace the text true with false.

  3. To have the same or similar functionality as before, consider adding a rule to hash the entered text instead or do not capture entered text at all.