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Celonis Product Documentation

User Interfaces

This application provides five user interfaces intended for the supply chain manager persona.

User Interface


Material Insights View

Enables material planners to access a prioritized list of materials with recommendations by Celonis to update and improve planning parameters - lead times, safety stock, and reorder points. Planners can apply filters such as MRP Controller, Inventory Classification, and Inefficiency Type to define the realm and apply prioritization criteria. 

The Material Insights view also has a bulk update option to multi-select materials and mass update parameters in the source system with recommendations from Celonis.

Recommendations View

This view enables planners to review Celonis’ recommendations to correct and improve lead time, safety stock, and reorder point parameters alongside current master data values in the source system and values simulated by the planner. 

Through this view, the planner can accept Celonis’ recommended parameter values and update them in the source system through action flow capability. Planners also have the option to dismiss the recommendation or update the master data with simulated values. The view also provides relevant material-specific information such as material classification and MRP Type for context and informed decision-making.

Lead Time view

The Lead Time view enables a deep dive into lead times at the transaction level. Planners can validate lead time recommendations from Celonis by evaluating lead time trends and data. Visual graphs and data repository makes it easy to analyze data and enables quick validation.

Consumption view

The Consumption view provides a detailed analysis and visualization of Consumption data, including order quantity at the transaction level. Visual graphs and data repository provide all the required context for planners to validate safety stock recommendations from Celonis.

Simulation view

Provides a deep dive into the excess stock inefficiency. The time series graph highlights trends and patterns. Material breakdown based on KPI range enables Pareto analysis. ABC/XYZ classification allows for in-depth analysis within the context of the excess stock inefficiency.