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Shipping Emissions Reduction App

App Documentation

The Shipping Emissions Reduction App allows users to embed sustainability in their daily logistics operations. The app automatically calculates the shipping emissions based on industry standards and simulates the emissions impact for different modes of transport, then recommends actions against carbon-saving opportunities.

  • Getting Started Guide: A comprehensive overview of the app implementation process and high-level insights into the use cases covered.

  • App Data Structure: A breakdown of the basic data structures underlying the application to ensure the understanding the fundamentals of the product.

  • App Implementation Guide: Step-by-step instructions, providing a systematic approach to installing, configuring, and deploying the application within the Celonis Platform.

  • Update Guide & Release Notes: A dedicated section outlining all historical updates, release notes, and a protocol on how to smoothly update the application version.


Additional Notes:

  • This product is a premium app. This means that it must be enabled in your Celonis Platform team before it can be downloaded.

  • The automatic and distance-dependent emission calculation is performed via a carbon engine provided by our technology partner Climatiq. Each customer receives specific credentials, which enables the use of this carbon engine.

  • If interested, additional material on the data structure and use cases related to this application can be shared beyond the details provided in this documentation.