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Celonis Product Documentation


Graphical process version comparison

Compare released and edited process versions (Process Comparison Editor)

Process versions are displayed side by side, and changes (deleted, added, modified) are graphically highlighted.

Attribute comparison

Attribute changes are displayed in a dialog. Both the old and the new value of a changed attribute are displayed.

Configurable home pages

Show individual entry pages (home pages)

Arranged entry pages facilitate quick navigation to specific processes or objects. The content can vary depending on the user role (e.g., viewer editor).

Configurable fact sheets

Display fact sheets for all diagrams and object contents.

The fact sheet shows aggregated information about processes or objects and can be selected as a graphical view. The prerequisite is the administrator's previous configuration.

Generate various graphical diagram representations.

Different process layouts (such as Swimlane horizontal/vertical, detailed, and Application Swimlane) can be selected and displayed by dropdown.

See and open stored attachments easily.

Symbols on process steps or linked objects in viewer mode allow users to quickly recognize where attachments (e.g., further documents) are available.

Organize process architecture

Display hierarchies in a navigation tree.

Hierarchically arranged processes or objects are displayed as a navigation tree through which you can navigate.

Graphic visualization

Display several process levels in one surface side by side (2-levels)

The 2-level view is particularly suitable for processes containing sub-processes as it allows you to display processes and sub-processes side by side clearly and concisely.

Process maps, graphical visualization

Process maps can be graphically modeled to provide overviews and direct navigation to the respective areas.

browser print

Print diagrams directly via browser print

The quick print function allows process graphics to be printed quickly, except for profiles.

Personal setting

Make personal user settings: Languages.

The primary and secondary languages can be selected individually, e.g., English as a primary language and the respective national language as a secondary language.

Make personal user settings: List sizes.

The columns of the list view can be customized.

Make personal user settings: Selected role.

Processes or objects can be displayed and categorized according to their assigned roles. Every Celonis Process Management user can set this individually.