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Setting data permissions manually for users and groups

Use this permission source to set data permissions for individual users or groups.


These permissions can supersede a user's Admin access.

See Combining data permissions for explanations and examples if you want to set up data permissions involving multiple values or multiple table columns.

Here's the panel to set up data permissions manually, and the steps following it tell you how:

  1. Select Add User or Group to choose a user or group from the team you are working in, to which you want to grant data permissions. You can pick one from the displayed list or search. Select Done when you've found all the users or groups you want to add.

    If you pick the wrong one, you can use the Delete icon to remove a user or group from the data permissions list. This doesn't delete the user from Celonis EMS.

  2. To give a user or group unlimited access, set the Unlimited access slider by the user or group name on. When you do this, the user or group can see all the data in all of the Data Models that they have access to.

  3. To add a rule to specify what the user or group can see, click the twisty by the user name to display the rule definition panel.

    • Select Add Rule to add a rule for the user or group.

    • Click Select to choose the table and column from the Data Model that the rule restricts, then specify what values in the column the user is allowed to see. Select Save to save the completed rule.

    • Select Edit to alter an existing rule, or Delete to remove it.