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Celonis Product Documentation

Prerequisites for the object-centric Duplicate Invoice Checker

The Duplicate Invoice Checker is a premium app and is subject to an additional licensing fee. Talk to your Celonis account team to arrange this before you download the app. When you’ve arranged with your account team for the additional licensing fee, select Request access for the app on the Celonis Marketplace. Your request is forwarded to the product team. They’ll need 1-2 business days to validate your request with your account team, then they’ll give you access to the app.

Before you set up the object-centric version of the Duplicate Invoice Checker for Accounts Payable, you’ll need to enable and configure the Accounts Payable process from the Celonis catalog. Load the object-centric data model with your data and validate that it's all working in the standard Accounts Payable perspective. Then publish it to the production environment.

The Duplicate Invoice Checker uses a dedicated Celonis-supplied perspective, perspective_DuplicateInvoiceChecker_DuplicateInvoiceCheckerApp, which is based on the standard Accounts Payable perspective. We’ll send you this along with the app - you don’t need to do any extra setup for it.

The object-centric Duplicate Invoice Checker uses an AI Annotation interface for configuration, which replaces the Machine Learning Sensor and Knowledge Model previously used for configuration. You can find the AI Annotations page by going to Data > Machine Learning. If you have access to the Duplicate Invoice Checker app but you don’t see the AI Annotations page, create a Support ticket (see Support) to activate AI Annotations for your team.

If you need to get help with any of the app’s prerequisites or setup steps, Support tells you how.