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Celonis Product Documentation

Installing on-prem clients

The Celonis on-prem clients provide a secure way for Celonis to selectively access customer-authorized on-premises apps without having to open ports in the corporate firewall.


If your SAP system uses Process Integration/ Process Orchestration, or if you use SAP 4.6C or older, you must install your SAP Extractor client using the uplink integration. See Installing SAP Extractor.Step 1: Installing SAP Extractor

The installation process consists of the following stages which are performed by an Celonis Platform user (with Admin rights) and an IT admin interchangeably:

  1. Preparing the installation package

  2. Installing on-prem clients

  3. Verifying connection


Where would you like to install your on-prem clients?

If you encounter any issues during installation, please have a look at our FAQ and Troubleshooting guide