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Celonis Product Documentation

Key Features

Celonis layers on top of your existing system landscape to optimize inventory performance for specific business objectives. The following features enable this optimization of daily operations.



KPI Monitoring

Choose from a predefined list or configure your own KPIs to measure and manage inventory performance. KPIs include Material Availability, Turnover Rate, Excess Inventory Rate, and Days of Cover.

Identify Consumption and Replenishment Trends

Identify and track evolving consumption and replenishment trends such as spike in demand or a drop in replenishment rates through time series graphs. Trends are based on data across procurement, production and sales processes.

Network Explorer

Execution graph provides visibility into the relationship between countries, plants and materials in terms of KPIs. SC Managers can use the Network Explorer to assess the downstream impact of an inefficiency or a disruption on the value chain, perform root cause analysis, and inform decision making.

Task Creation to collaborate with stakeholders

Create tasks in-context with prespecified material, inefficiency and KPI details to steer improvement initiates and collaborate with different stakeholders.

Analyze best/worst performers

Perform root cause analysis by identifying and evaluating the best and worst performers at different levels of aggregation - Country, Plant and Material. Tree map and color coded top 10/bottom 10 analysis table provide an intuitive way of evaluating performance in terms of the different KPIs.

Identify inefficiencies and its financial impact

Identify inventory related inefficiencies such stockouts, understock, excess stock and obsolete stock. Determine financial impact alongside inventory trends and classifications.