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Celonis Product Documentation

Process Copilot Settings

The Settings screen shows you what knowledge has been shared with this Process Copilot and is available for generating responses. This includes a link to the Knowledge Model, the connected data model, and the specific metrics and attributes that have been made available to this Process Copilot.


To get to the Settings screen, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Process Copilot interface.

Metrics tab

The Metrics tab shows the individual KPIs that have been labeled for use with this Process Copilot. For each KPI, you can see the name and ID of the KPI, as well as the description.

Record Attribute tab

The Record Attribute tab shows the individual attributes that have been made available to this Process Copilot.

Event Log tab

The Event Log tab shows the specific logs used by this Process Copilot to generate responses. For case-centric data models, the default event log will be used. If you are using an object-centric data model, you will need to label one or more event logs in your Knowledge Model with “llm_eligible” to allow a Process Copilot to access your data model.

Customization tab

The Customization tab allows you to provide this Process Copilot with additional information about your use case. For example you can instruct your Process Copilot to respond in a specific language or provide instructions on how certain metrics should be used.


To include additional knowledge, click the Edit customization button and enter the custom information and then click Save. The Process Copilot will attempt to use this information when generating responses.