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Celonis Product Documentation

Searching and filtering in Process Navigator

Searching for a process or specific content in Process Navigator
  1. In My Overview, start typing the name of the process or content in the Search field.

  2. Apply filters if you know the type, assignee and/or validity date.

  3. Click Show all results.

  4. Select the result you want to look at.


Turning off My Filters may help if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Filter types in Process Navigator

Filter types


Search field filter

Used to narrow down processes or content when using Search.

My Filters

Automatically applied so you only see processes and content relevant to you in My Overview.


Select The My Filters button. on the Process Navigator home page or in Process Journal to view and edit these filter settings.

Scope filters

Applied to the process or content in Process Navigator. Scope filters use tags applied in Process Navigator.