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Celonis Product Documentation

Standard Actions and Tasks

The Inventory Management (IM) Master Data Improvement (MDI) app comes with a variety of standard actions triggered by skills to enable users to write recommendations back to their source system.


Each action is connected to the record Material-Plant, which corresponds to one row in MARC. Parameters stored outside of MARC might require a different approach with their own standard actions.

The following actions are available out of the box:

  • Open SAP MD04 (via web GUI)

  • Open SAP MM03 (via web GUI)

  • Write all recommendations to ERP (requires an action flow)

If a recommendation is computed, the following parameters can be updated via a task:

  • Purchase lead time (requires an action flow)

  • Production lead time (requires an action flow)

  • Safety stock (requires an action flow)

  • Reorder point (requires an action flow)

You can download the action flows directly from here.


The actions used in this section are predefined and included with the MDI app.

To get started with extending these or building custom actions, see: