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Celonis Product Documentation

Payment Term Checker

About this app

The Payment Term Checker compares payment terms on posted invoices, purchase orders and vendor master data to identify unfavorable mismatches. The app is supported for SAP ECC, and is best for customers who process both POs and Invoices in SAP.


Out of the box, the Payment Term Checker will only work with SAP. Any other connections will require additional configuration.

Key benefits of the app:

  • Drive Free Cash Flow improvements by avoiding paying invoices too early due to unfavorable mismatches.

  • Improve DPO by maximizing available payment terms.

  • Standardize payment terms usage by identifying vendors with multiple terms or inconsistent usage of payment terms.

High Data Volumes

The Payment Term Checker’s functionality is not limited by the volume of invoices it consumes. As long as the underlying data model that is connected to the app is loaded, and all the required tables and columns are present (see SAP ECC Accounts Payable Connector), the app will work.

However, we have observed that the Payment Term Checker performs slower for customers with more than 100M invoices. We are investigating this further and may address these performance issues in future releases.