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PQL Function Library


PQL provides a wide variety of functions and operators that can be used within a query.

This sections contains all available functions and operators. In contrast to operators, functions obey a strict syntax of listing function parameters - especially the more complex ones like CASE WHEN.

Operator Precedence

If an expression contains more than one operator, the operators are evaluated in order of operator precedence. To influence the evaluation order you can use parentheses which have the highest operator precedence and are evaluated first. Operators with the same operator precedence are evaluated from left to right.

+, -unary positive and negative operator
*, /, %multiplication, division, modulo
+, -addition, subtraction
Lowest=, !=, <, , >, equal, not equal, less than, less than or equal, greater than, greater than or equal
Logical Expressions
Highest(), NOT()parentheses, parentheses with logical negation