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Routing based on Signal attributes

Routing based on Signal attributes: with this Routing Rule option Signals can be assigned to users following complex logic, which is for example necessary to depict a matrix organization.


To set up this Routing Rule type, these steps should be followed (also check the video):

  • Add a new Routing Rule based on Signal attributes and name it.

  • Add the relevant users to the Routing Rule:

    • Choose a user.

    • Add a block for the user, which contains one or multiple conditions.

    • Conditions: you can choose from the Signal attributes of the Skill and add the value for which the respective user is responsible to the user.

    • By checking the check-box, the user can be set as the default assignee for a block.

    • By adding multiple blocks to one user the Signals can be assigned based on different Signal attributes, e.g. user A should get Signals which belong to orders from the purchasing organization 1000, but only the ones which are placed in country A or B.


The attributes to be chosen for the conditions which determine the assignment of the Signals can be set in the Signal configuration by adding additional Signal attributes!