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Celonis Product Documentation

Prerequisites for the object-centric Shipped Not Invoiced app

Before you set up the object-centric version of the Shipped Not Invoiced app, you’ll need to enable and configure the Order Management process, load the object-centric data model with your data, and validate the perspective_celonis_OrderManagement perspective.

For the Shipped Not Invoiced app’s augmentation functionality to work, these database tables in the OCPM Data Pool must have fewer than 30 million rows:

  • Delivery items (o_celonis_DeliveryItem)

  • Deliveries (o_celonis_Delivery)

  • Sales order items (o_celonis_SalesOrderItem)

  • Sales orders (o_celonis_SalesOrder)

  • Customers (o_celonis_Customer)

If any of these tables are over 30 million rows, augmentation is unavailable. To work around this, you can create custom object types and filter your data in the SQL transformations to bring the table or tables below that size. For example you can remove sales documents where no invoice is expected to be created. You can then include your custom object type in a custom Order Management perspective, and use this instead of the supplied one.

If you need to get help with any of the app’s prerequisites or setup steps, Support tells you how.