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Celonis Product Documentation


The central record in the Knowledge Model is the INVOICE_CASE which combines parked invoice headers and posted invoice lines from the table “_CEL_AP_CASES”. The identifier of the record is the column "_CASE_KEY" which is the MM key for parked invoices (Client, Fiscal Year, Document Number) and the FI key for posted invoices (Client, Company Code, Fiscal Year, Document Number, Line Item). The other records are used for providing contextual information in the invoice details view and purchase order details views.

Besides this central record, the app comes with the following additional records:

  • VENDOR_MASTER_GENERAL (LFA1) mainly used in the the Vendor Details View

  • PURCHASE_ORDER (EKKO) used for Purchase Order view

  • PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEM (EKPO) used for Purchase Order view

  • ACCOUNTING_DOCUMENT (BSEG) used for the FI line items

  • INCOMING_INVOICE (RSEG) used for MM line item information

  • GOODS_RECEIPT (EKBE, VGABE = 1) used for showing goods receipt information

  • INVOICE_HISTORY (EKBE, VGABE IN (2,3,P)) used for showing all invoices for a purchase order