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Extracting the table STXL

The SAP table STXL contains encoded data that is stored in the column CLUSTD. This data is not human-readable unless decrypted, and since our standard RFC Module reads the text from the DB without any conversion, it is not suitable for this use case. The data is important for some business use cases, and we need a solution to fetch it into Celonis EMS as a readable text.

Rather than extending the RFC Module functionality, we have developed a separate program (the attachment is at the end of the page) that decrypts STXL into a readable format using the native SAP function READ_TEXT, and then writes this data into another table - ZSTXL.

This table can be extracted afterward using our standard RFC Extractor.

The converter program is distributed in the package ZSTX_CONVERT. It contains the following objects:

  • Table ZSTXL - stores the converted data is written

  • Program ZRP_STX_CONVERT - performs the conversion.


The package is distributed as an SAP transport which should be imported into the SAP system. The user can create a variant of the report ZRP_STX_CONVERT, and then execute it regularly via an SAP Background Job to convert the STXL. The running interval is up to the user, and is based on how frequently they want to refresh this data.

The report supports several parameters. The parameter PACKSZ defines the number of rows to process in memory, and the other parameters allow filtering the processed data.

Download STXL conversion file

As an admin of an EMS team, you can download the STXL conversion zip file from the Download Portal.

Click Admin & Settings - Download Portal and then expand the RFC Module Extensions content: