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Create a Customer Journey Map

In the "Customers" facet, Process Designer enables the realization of Customer Experience Management.

The Customer Journey is a marketing method that aims to make the customer's behavior understandable and transparent so that one's actions align optimally with the requirements.

In a Customer Journey Map, all steps (Customer Journey Steps) are presented from the customer's point of view, which he goes through when dealing with the company. This usually begins with the sales phase and ends with the service/consulting phase. All Touchpoints between the customer and the product or service, e.g., through advertisements, commercials, the Internet, as well as the opinions of third parties in rating portals or user forums, are relevant. Other relevant factors to consider are the Sales channels and the different types of customers (Personas).

Please get in touch with us for an individual offer to establish your Customer Journey.

In Process Designer, Customer Experience Management is structured hierarchically and can be set up by the architect. Under each CEM (Customer Experience Management), the author adds a new Customer Journey Map.

Navigation tree of the Customer Journey Maps