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Create glossary entries

à This feature is only available after activation by the Admin.

The feature Method: glossary enables the creation of an individual glossary to save the terminology used in the process database centrally and to add explanations and further details.

After activation, the navigation Glossary appears in the header.

Method: Glossary

Figure 104 – Method: Glossary

A list opens in which the authors can make glossary entries as soon as you click on it. Entries in this list cannot be versioned but can be displayed or hidden for viewers.

The stored glossary terms are then linked in the detailed content of processes or objects as usual in the corresponding category.

Glossary in Detail Content

Figure 105 – Glossary in Detail Content

In the future: abbreviations and terms stored in the glossary are automatically identified as an additional chapter in the Celonis Process Management Manual. So manual creation and maintenance becomes obsolete.