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Celonis Product Documentation

Introduction to the Inbox

Benefits of using the Inbox

The Inbox (also referred to as Task Inbox) acts as the central location from where business users manage and complete the Tasks assigned to them. Its features empower users to take bulk actions and view all information concerning respective Tasks without ever leaving the Inbox. Through the Inbox, we strive to improve the efficiency with which users complete Tasks.

Where to find the Inbox

To enter the Inbox go to the Apps tab in the left-hand navigation. Within Apps, you will find the Inbox button on the very top left. Clicking this button will take you to a new navigation bar to explore the Tasks assigned to you. The navigation bar displays an overview of all different Task types assigned to you. In case you are also part of a user group, you will also find the Tasks in the Inbox which are assigned to the respective group. Clicking on a Task type will display all active tasks of that type.



For more information, see our documentation Inbox navigation and the free online training from Celonis Academy: Manage To Do's with Task Inbox (15 min).